2023 Supporters
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For 2023 I wanted to show my Supporters once again on how much I appreciate them. This is what I will be offering to the drivers. We will be doing the Snyder Web Design Sticker Deal again.
ONLY RULE: Anyone who puts a Snyder Web Design logo sticker and shows a picture of it on the car (which we now have in 8 different colors - blue, yellow, green, purple, pink, orange, gray, and red, sizes of either 6" long or 10.5" long / Left to Right) on their race car(s) for the 2023 season will have 1 of 3 options to pick from:
1. Get 8 free 8x10s (can get all at once or throughout the year to get a total of 8, can add logo on if using for sponsors)
2. 50 free hero cards (either 4x6 or 5x7 size, 1 or 2 sided, can order more than 50 but only 50 will be free)
3. Get 4 free 11x14 photos (GREAT FOR SPONSOR PHOTOS, can add logo on if using for sponsors)
Here is the 2 links to the full list of drivers on the 2023 Snyder Web Design Sticker Deal
Aj Gerhart   Aleia Geisler   Alex Barorillo   Alex Schoffstall
Andrew Fayash III   Bailey Racing #81   Blaine Fritz   Blaire Schoenly
Brady Shea   Brandon Edgar   Brandon Firestine   Brandon Oleski
Brian Malcolm   Brian Moyer   Bryan Gara   Bryan Rhoads
Bryce Smith   Charlie Horvath   Chris Yob   Chuck Fayash
Cj Ferguson   Cooper Schoenly   Corey Renninger   Cory Lidenmuth
Craig Von Dohren 88x   Craig Whitmoyer   Dakota Kohler   Danica Getz
Danny Buccafusca   Daryl Dissinger   Dave Dissinger   Dave Schultz III
David Crossman   Decker Swinehart   Don Murphy   Doug Smith Jr.
Duane Howard   Dylan Smith   Dylan Swinehart   Ed Mrochko
Eric Tripp   Eric Whitby   Gary Grim #127   Gary Wagner (Merola)
Glenn Rowan   Hailey Eroh   Hayden Miller   Jade Smith
Jake Fisher   James Murphy   Jason Klinger   Jason Muldowney
Jayden Brooking   Jeramy Doerr   Jeromy Guistwite   Jesse Krasnitsky
Jesse Leiby   Jimmy Leiby   Joe Bassininsky   Joe Nappi
Joel Smith   Joey Vaccaro   John Deatrich   John Hall
Johnny McGeoy   John Willman 291/74w   Jordan Henn   Josh Adams
Julian Storms   Justin Grim   Justin Mabrey   Justin Scraden
Kaitlyn Bailey   Ken Eckert Jr.   Kensley Shearer   Kevin Brady
Kevin Fitzpatrick   Kevin Kaplafka   Kevin Kuser   Kevin McGinty
Kevin Olenick   Kris Ney   Lawson Szerencits   Logan Bauman
Louis Gara   Louie Horvath Jr.   Louie Horvath Sr.   Mark Gaugler
Mark Mohr   Mark Muldowney   Mason Klinger   Matt Clay
Matt Fidler   Matt Ney   Matt Yoder   McKenzi Smith
Mike Schneck Jr.   Michael Stofflet   Molly Struss   Morgan Rochelle-Bealer
Nick Bilello   Nick Rochinski   Ray Gara   Ray Gradwell
Richie Hitzler   Rob Pyle   Rob Storms   Robbie Swavely
Ryan Ford   Ryan Grim   Ryan Murphy   Ryan Rochelle
Ryan Watt (Fitzpatrick)   Ryder Leymeister   Sam Borger   Samantha Zipp
Scott Albert   Scott Riggleman   Shannon Slaughter   Shawn Fitzpatrick
Shawn Light   Shelby McLaughlin   Shon Elk   Steve Keller
Steve Sterner   Steve Young   Talan Carter   Terry Kramer
Tim Fitzpatrick   Tj Fitzpatrick   Tod Roth   Todd Lapp
Tom Moore Jr.   Tom Princiotta   Tom Sherby   Tori Hall
Trevor Kobylarz   Tyler Bartik   Tyler James   Tyler Peet
Wayne Weaver   Wayne Witmer   Wes Brady   Xavier Sprague
Zachery Steffey            

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