2020 Supporters
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For 2019 I wanted to show my Supporters how much I appreciate them. This is what I will be offering

Anyone who puts a Snyder Web Design logo sticker (which we now have in 8 different colors - blue, yellow, green, purple, pink, orange, gray and red, sizes of either 6" long or 10.5" long ) on there race car(s) this year will have 1 of 2 options to pick from

1. Get 1 free 8x10 each month from April to September (Total of 6 - 8x10 for the year)

2. 50 free hero cards (any size, 1 or 2 sided, can order more then 50 but only 50 will be free)

Aj Flick
Andrew Fayash III
Art Workman
Barry White
Blaire Schoenly
Blake Reber
Bobby Kupp
Brad Brightbill
Brad Grim
Butch Helsel
Cale Ross
Chris Brennan
Chris Derr
Chris Holland
Chuck Eckert
Chuck Haydt
Cory Lindenmuth
Corey Sechrist
Dakota Kohler
Daryl Dissinger
Dave Marcuccilli
David Crossman
Derrick McGrew Jr.
Don Szerencits
Doug Hendricks
Ed Mrochko
Elvin Brennan III
Frank Cozze
Fred Everly
Gary Grim
Geno Steigerwalt
Glenn Rowan

Jarrett Sechrist
Jasen Geesaman
Jeff Haag
Jeff Bubori

Jeff Sechrist
Jeramy Doerr
Jeremy Becker
Jeromy Guistwite
Jesse Leiby
Jim Britt
Jim Gallagher Jr.
Jim Housworth
Jimmy Leiby
Joe Toth
John McGeoy
John Wilman
Jon Haegele
Jordan Henn
Joseph Watson
Justin Grim
Kevin Brady
Kevin Fitzpatrick
Kody Sites
Kolsen Riegel

Kris Lilick
Kris Ney
Kyle Lilick
Logan Bauman
Matt Clay
Matt Ney
Matt Sheppard
Mike Burrows
Mike Schneck
Mike Senecal
Mike Radocha
Mike Radocha Jr.
Morgan Rochelle
Paul Donahue
Ray Cost
Ray Gara
Ray Gradwell
Rick Hendricks
Rob Storms
Robin Wagner
Rocky Warner
Roger Gaskill

Ronny Shur
Ryan Lilick
Ryan Rochelle
Ryan Smith
Sammy Martz
Sammy Martz Jr.
Scott Riggleman
Shawn Fitzpatrick
Shawn Light
Shawn Mulhall
Shon Elk
Skylar Sheriff
Steve Sterner
Steve Swinehart
Terry Kramer
Tim Apgar
Tim Fitzpatrick
Tj Fitzpatrick

Todd Lapp
Tommy Collins Jr.
Tom Princiotta
Tyler Reber
Warren Floyd Jr.
Wayne Witmer



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