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Customers -- I would like to thank all my customers race car drivers and business owners who have done business with me. If it wasn't for you all i would not be in business today.

Family -- I would like to thank all my family members who have been there and help me get all this started without you i wouldn't of been able to start my business.

George Steigerwalt Jr. - I would like to thank you for being just a great friend. Also thank you for all your help over the years with my photography and helping me out just to get to ware I am today and for always having my back.

Donnie Leymeister -- If it wasn't for you i wouldn't be where i am today. You always believed in me and I'm so grateful for that. You were a great customer of mine, you also did amazing work with the slot cars you built. RIP Bud, I'll never forget you...

Keith Hoffman -- If it wasn't for your allowing me to come into the infield to take pictures back in 2013. I wouldn't be where I am today with AARN and getting my pictures published on different sites, magazines and websites.

Photographers -- I want to thank all photographers that allow their pictures to be posted on the websites.

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