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In Memory Of.....

Donnie Leymeister (6/6/60-2/9/09) I'll miss you so much you were my best friend. You were truly a amazing friend of mine. I seriously am going to miss you so much. I'm going to miss not seeing you at the races (the races will not be the same without you there) and not writing letters to you anymore. You were the only person i could talk to about certain things that i couldn't tell anyone else and now i don't have you to talk to about them. I loved the long talks, all the help you gave me with my photos & websites, I loved looking at all the slot cars you made, doing a website for you, & all the ideas of cars you wanted to make. No one can compare to the friendship we had. FOREVER AND ALWAYS. I will never forget you. R.I.P. Your always in my heart.....




R.I.P. Andy ... Only got to really hang out with you and talk to you that Saturday at Circle M (May 11th, 2013) but just from that day I knew you were a great guy and fun to be around. Also joking and making everyone laugh and smile. I can't believe you are gone now and I can't share in anymore great memories with you and everyone else. You surely will be missed by my and many others in the racing community.  




In memory of Michael (Mike) Bailey August 28th, 1975 to July 28th, 2015... You will be greatly missed. You were a great husband, father, son, and friend. You were a great race car driver (glad I was there to see you return to what you loved to do after being off for a while. Also glad i got to see you have that great 2nd place finish after leading mostly the whole feature, & got to be there for your last race) and just a all around great person. Lots of great memories over the years since I was a little kid. Now you are off racing in the sky. Till we meet again my friend.... R.I.P. Mike Bailey


In memory of Pete Gardner..(1/5/66 - 9/20/16) You will be missed by many people in this racing family. You were such a great person and would do anything for anyone without any questions. I didnt get to see you much but when you were at the tracks i was at you were always a happy and friendly person.. I will miss you.. Livin' the Dream..... Till we meet again my friend.... R.I.P. Teo Pete

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